Waterfall Tea Room & Store in Yarker, ON

Several weeks ago, I was invited out  to lunch with two friends, Elizabeth and Mary Ellen, Goodfellow.  It was  a beautiful day and we headed for the area north of Kingston, hoping to  find some antiques and a sandwich shop.

Luck was on our side  when we came across the village of Yarker (less than an hour from  Gananoque and in a lovely setting). There on the left was the "Waterfall  Tea Room and Store".

We found a parking spot and enquired of a  lady if the tea room was open.  She replied, “Oh yes. The food is  wonderful and the coconut cream pie is to die for.”  We got the last  table.  

We sampled the food and the lady was right, the food was wonderful.  I had the vegetable pie.  

The  store area had some antiques, (which the Tea Room aptly calls,  “pre-loved merchandise”), a selection of Wilton Cheeses, organic eggs  from Reinink Farms and a several varieties of fair-trade coffee and  chocolate from Equita.  

As I was leaving the tea room I met the  chef, Eric DePoe.  He stopped his preparations to welcome us.  This is  no ordinary chef, he even dresses the part.

Yes, it is well  worth the drive to Yarker. There are a number of web-reviewes of the  Yarker Tea Room, worthy of much larger urban establishments. In one,   Chef DePoe was quoted as saying, “I know someone who drives from  Clinton, NY, to my place for coconut cream pie and then drives all the  way back,”  (Excerpt from  "Kingston Life").

To visit Yarker  Falls, follow Hwy 401 east to Lennox and Addington Rd 6 at the Odessa  exit.  (Past Kingston). Go north on this road for about 10 minutes to  Yarker.  It will be an excursion you will remember.

Hours:  Noon to 6 p.m.
Open Weekends from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving (Canadian): Saturdays, Sundsys & Holiday Mondays.

Also open Wednesday through Sunday, July 1 to Labour Day.

www.waterfalltearoom.com   613-377-1856.

Owned by Eric DePoe and Barbara Linds.