Grenell Island, New York

One of the smaller cottage colonies, Grenell Island's history is as varied and interesting as its shape and topography. One of the region's early island inns, perhaps the earliest, was here. The small hotel that supplanted the tavern on the southern point (an island actually, at the bottom right) is gone, but the island retains a centerpiece green with lovely chapel.

Another focus of the small island is the picturesque villa that crowns the high point.

Although the island was developed with some interior streets, like nearby Thousand Island Park, most of the cottages line the varied shoreline.

Also like nearby Thousand Island Park, Grenell Island is a sociable community--perhaps moreso because it is smaller and more intimate. Another focus is the community house with post office, library, meeting and recreation space. A perimeter path winds along the shore, generally passing between boathouses and cottage porches, centers of island life. It's understood that the ciruit is a public right-of-way. Privacy yields to community.

Since 2009 Grenell Islander Lynn E. McElfresh has written the following articles about Grenell.  

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(On behalf of all of our readers, we thank Lynn for sharing her passion for island living and look forward to many more).