From Bad to Verse: Seriously unserious pieces in verse and short story form, by John Scott Cowan

This little volume is designed to make you chuckle, even when serious topics are addressed. The first half contains of twenty-five pieces of rhyming verse, ranging from 5 lines to 162 lines, and two short stories. PLUS, the second half is a short, light-hearted, and accurate memoir, titled, "Something In The Air", about the author’s first 22 years as an aviator, during the heyday of general aviation. The author is a scientist who was a professor and then an administrator at a number of universities, and who has flown some 6,000 hours in 64 types of civilian and military aircraft. His final full-time post was Principal of the Royal Military College of Canada, from which he retired in 2008.  Find Cowan's book at Novel Idea Bookstore, 156 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7L 1B1; 613-546-9799, and online at

Front cover, From Bad to John Scott Cowan