Thousand Islands Land Trusted Recipes

25th Anniversary Cookbook

A culinary tour of the Thousand Islands. Delicious recipes collected from the entire region.

Erin Brick reviewed the cookbook in TI Life's I’m editing a cookbook in March 2010.  Here is one part of the review:

"Doreen Meeks of Grindstone Island and Clayton Center submitted her  mother’s “1940s Wartime Cake.” Doreen, the quintessential volunteer,  someone who seems to be able to be in multiple places at one time and  who has boundless energy, is well known for her potluck dinner  contributions. Any recipe from Doreen will be worth the effort. Doreen  said of this grab-whatcha-got-in-the-pantry cake, “Mom (Helen Calhoun)  used to make this cake using food rations and surplus ingredients. No  frosting needed, just a spoon for all us kids to lick the bowl.” Life’s  simple pleasures endure, even (especially) in difficult times!"

The cookbook may still be available at the TILT office, but it was a best seller!

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