Thousand Islands Through the Seasons, by Chris Murray

The Thousand Islands - Through The Seasons is a fine art photography book showcasing the beauty of the Thousand Islands region throughout the year.

"My deep affection for the Thousand Islands can be traced back to my childhood and the weeks spent each summer in rented cottages on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence River. The islands and river were my introduction to nature, although I had no idea at the time how it would come to shape my life."

"When I began to explore the region with my camera many years later I knew it would be the rocks, water, trees, and sky that would be my focus. The hand of man is everywhere in the region, and while it is part of its unique character it is not what draws me to this place. My goal with these photographs is not to simply document outward appearances, but rather the inward significance of this most special and unique place as filtered through my eyes, mind, and heart."

Thousand Islands Through the Seasons is for sale at several outlets, including

·· The Thousand Islands Arts Center, Clayton, NY

· Thousand Islands Land Trust,  Clayton, NY

· Cornwall Brothers Store Museum, Alexandria Bay.

· And on the Chris Murray Photography website

A portion of the proceeds of each sale will be donated to the respective organization;

Be sure to watch for the book signing (August 10, 2021  and lecture/presentation (August 12, 2021), both at Cornwall Brothers Museum in the Bay.