The Old Fort, Reprint, Major James H. Durham

About the Book

The OLD FORT - Reprint of the 1889 book “The Old Fort, Carleton Island in the Revolution” written by Major James H. Durham, a West Point Graduate and Civil War Veteran.

After moving to Cape Vincent in the late 1870’s he became interested in  the ruins on Carleton Island and the group of stone chimneys on the  bluff above its north bay. They were enclosed in a massive earthwork  that provided an outline of a large military fort with its barracks and  magazines. People had different ideas about when and who actually built  the fort. He undertook the writing of the Old Fort to clarify the  island’s names and to identify the fort’s builders and its history.

Introduction by Kathryn C. McCarthy

Pub Date: April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9844250-1-3

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