The Building of the Waaban Crossing, by Mike Hill and Paul Wash

Inquisitive interest generated by the building of Third Crossing, the Waaban Crossing bridge, in Kingston, ON is vast.  At first, there was a small following, but it didn’t take long for locals on both sides of the Cataraqui River to realize that the crossing would be finished in their lifetime! The book answers the “Who, Why, How, and When” questions about the building of the bridge through photographs.

The authors are proud that the 96-page book is being locally printed in hardcover 12x9" format, with more than 200 full-color images. Unfortunately, there are only 500 copies being printed.

So, of course, the main question is, “How do I get one?”

The cost is $50 (CAD) and you can easily reserve a copy by sending an e-mail to The authors emphasize that "Reservations will be dealt with in strict order of arrival and no guarantee of availability is made or implied."   To delay your order is to miss out on one of the greatest, architectural journeys of our region.