River bRat, Growing Old the Son of a River 1970s-2022, by Kenny Brabant & Melody Brabant

Only a 1000 Islands River Rat embodies the St Lawrence River such that his or her soul is in perfect sync with its waves, its skies above and the life living within it and breathing above it.  This book encapsulates all that in the beloved family stories of our own local Brabant family.  

Kenny and Melody Brabant writes their river stories of work and play from childhood through adulthood.  Remembering the river places as they evolved from the 70s to now, the Brabants' book is a time capsule shared by those who inhabited the island then and fondly remember it as it was, and loving the area as much now as then.  

Our own Susan Smith, writes, "It is indeed a book I did not want to put down, especially when I got to the final chapter, the first paragraph prepared me for the sensitive and touching words that followed: “On April 11th, 2010, our 33-year-old son, Keith, was senselessly shot and killed.”

She includes in her review a personal note sent to the Brabants:

“Few capture the true feelings of the River or Family like you two and your Mum, Nancy Bond, who is no longer with us. Others who were successful were Rex Ennis, Robert Matthews, and Hunter Grimes. All are gone, and all are owed a debt of gratitude for capturing our River and its stories. The best part is you two are still going strong. So thank you for sharing River bRat Growing Old with me and for everything else you do in the community.”

Smith continues, "Perhaps readers, you too will remember that time and the sadness expressed. Still, the Brabant family and friends turned the tragedy into a legacy that lives on with the establishment of the Keith Brabant Music Scholarship. The Brabants work tirelessly on the annual KeithFest music festivals to develop and build a program that will live on – just as the memory of a son lives on."

Pick up your copy at Reinman's Dept Store, The Little Book Store or directly from the Brabants.  Grab your favorite drink, find a spectacular chair with a river view and envelope yourself into the Brabants' old and recent family stories on river time today.