Reality and Me, By Gretchen Huntley

"Reality and Me" Poetry by Gretchen Huntley with photographs by Sam Battams.

"The Pictures are reality. The rest is what, in them, I see" Gretchen Huntley

"Reality and Me" is illustrated by some of the region's most spectacular photographs.  It is a small book measuring 8.5" by 5.5” and stapled in a softcover. Copies are available at Pharmsave store in Gananoque.

Cost: $5 and comes with a brown envelope so you can mail it to a friend.

See Book Review "Reality and Me" by Gretchen Huntley with photographs by Sam Battams in Thousand Islands Life, November 2020.


Photo by Sam Battams to illustrate the poem: "Don't Cry for Me". ©2020

Don't Cry For Me

I remember the summers now long gone
When I stood proud and oh so strong
I'd get so excited when the families arrived
They'd show up in bunches of four and five

I could smell the smoke from the fire pit
Hotdogs roasting on an old broken stick
Kids skinny dipping when nighttime came
Or curled up on the porch hiding from the rain

Oh summer days were like heaven to me
I'd start to feel sad when fall leaves I'd see
But I told myself to think about spring
My family would return and my heart would sing

But one year they didn't return at all
I waited patiently and then it was fall
The next year they didn't return again
I knew in my heart it was the end

Now if you pass the island you will see
A broken down boathouse, yes, that's me
But I'm not alone I've been blessed with a friend
My reflection keeps me company and will to the end

By Gretchen Huntley (All rights reserved ©2020)