For The Love Of Food And Yoga, by Liz Price-Kellogg and Kristen Taylor

Written by a yoga student and teacher, For The Love Of Food And Yoga: A Celebration Of Mindful Eating And Being is a visually rich exploration of how the inner awareness we develop on our yoga mats fuels our bodies, minds and overall states of well-being, which subsequently impacts our lifestyles and food experiences.

This book is comprised of 100 “Yogi-Bites”—a collection of time-tested yoga teachings—paired with 100 original, soul-satiating recipes that are vegetarian, vegan, or raw.

A handful of the playful and thoughtful recipes that will encourage us to eat, feel and live well include:

• So Hum...Mus,
• Conscious Chicks
• Hatha Hot and Sour Soup
• Reuben Revelation
• Warrior Noodle
• Bird of Paradise Pina Colada
• Buddha Brussels
• Twisted Tacos
• Delightfully Silly Snow Cones

The book's forward is written by David Swenson, recognized today as one of the world's foremost practitioners and instructors of Ashtanga Yoga. Note:  Be sure to see the book review written by Lynn E. McElfresh in the September  2015 issue of TI Life. For the Love of Food and Yoga (and the River), A Book Review. Chic Vegan review.  November 4, 2015; check-out the Facebook page for updates. Published by Skyhorse Publishing. Available at several local book stores on both sides of the border. $25.95