Ariel's Gift, by Thomas Pullyblank

The premarital bliss between Tom Flanagan and fellow historian Mindy McDonnell is disrupted by mysterious writing on their living room wall and a sudden visit from their former adversary, Martha Radisson. Her fresh and unexpected insights regarding the circumstances of the unexplained disappearance of Tom's brother Patrick sends Tom on a harrowing journey, from the Saint Lawrence River in the present day, to the Anti-Rent Wars of 1840’s Upstate New York. Strange, time-bending forces abound, but Tom finds aid from his friends at "The 357" in Clinton Falls, the motley crew of River Rat Reporters in the Thousand Islands, and a puzzling folk singer named Lodi from Delaware County. As he desperately seeks the truth, Tom’s stubborn determination to find answers might very well destroy not only his relationship with Mindy, but his own personal existence.

Ariel's Gift takes its readers on a heart-pounding historical and spiritual adventure, first begun in Cornflower's Ghost and continued in Napoleon's Gold. The characters, places and events fully come to life in the hands of this most entertaining and informative storyteller.

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About the Author

Thomas Pullyblank has served as a college history professor and a United Methodist pastor. Ariel's Gift is his third novel, which completes the Tom Flanagan historical mysteries. He followed the first two novels of the trilogy, Cornflower’s Ghost: An Historical Mystery, and Napoleon’s Gold: A Legend of the Saint Lawrence River, with a collection of short stories related to Napoleon’s Gold, titled The Ghost of Billy Masterson & Other Thousand Island Tales. In addition to Upstate New York historical mysteries, Pullyblank is also the author of For None Can Rank Above Thee: A History of Cal-Mum Red Raiders Football, a chronicle of his legendary high school football team in Caledonia, New York.

Pullyblank now works as a conflict mediator, and lives with his family in Fly Creek, New York. As he did as a child with his parents, he still spends time with his family every summer in his beloved Thousand Islands.

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Front cover, Ariel's Gift