A River Life: Coming of Age in the Thousand Islands, by Jeff Hebert

Journey with author Jeff Hebert back to the 1950s to 1990s and share his experience of being raised in Alexandria Bay, New York.   Present at the height of the area's tourism rebirth, Hebert's life contents include early fishing escapades that capture the history and wonder of the St Lawrence vibe.  

Familiar with the region, one knows the infamous Edgewood Resort, an Alexandria Bay resort anchor, that which Hebert's family owned for over 40 years.  Guests from all over frequented our River town and the Hebert hospitality was well revered.  

Indulge your river curiousity with Hebert's literary gem,  published by Page Publishing.  Find it at bookstores everywhere or online at Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.  See the full commentary by PR.com.