SLC Arts’ Regional Arts Roundtable, March 24th: Websites

On Wednesday, March 24th at 1 PM, SLC Arts’ will host their second Regional Arts Roundtable of the year, discussing websites. Guest panelists will discuss the benefits and importance of having a website as an artist, as well as other recommendations for website creation. Participants can register in advance for this Zoom conference.

SLC Arts started their Regional Arts Roundtables at the start of the pandemic to keep North Country nonprofit organizations in touch with one another. Since then, the Roundtable grew to become a professional resource for North Country community members, with each meeting focusing on a specific topic. At each roundtable, guest panelists discuss the topic and answer questions from participants. Participants must register in advance. To view the previous roundtable conference on social media, visit SLC Arts’ Facebook page.

Contact: Naomi Pitkin, Outreach Coordinator,