October 15-23, Virtual Climate Change Speaker Series coming to TI History Museum

“To celebrate Culture Days, and as part of the ongoing ‘To What Degree – Canada in a changing climate’ 2021 exhibit, the 1000 Islands History Museum is excited to announce the presentation of the Climate Change Speaker Series,” said Mathew Thivierge, museum coordinator. “The series is a free virtual event that will include talks from Sean Landsman, Rick Revelle, and James Raffan.”

“It is important to share this reality with our community, as well as ways in which we can help to affect positive change, and mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis,” said Thivierge. “This speaker series will help to bring awareness to the challenges posed by climate change in Canada and around the world. We are greatly appreciative of the opportunity to host these speakers at the 1,000 Islands History Museum.”

For tickets, go to www.eventbrite.ca/x/climate-change-speaker-series-sean-landsman-tickets-186017482297 (Sean Landsman), www.eventbrite.ca/x/climate-changer-speaker-series-rick-revelle-tickets-186028073977 (Rick Revelle), and/or www.eventbrite.ca/x/climate-change-speaker-series-james-raffan-tickets-186037411907 (James Raffan).

For more information on this or any other 1,000 Islands History Museum event contact Mathew Thivierge, museum coordinator – 1,000 Islands History Museum, office.1000islandsmuseum@gmail.com, or call 613-382-2535.